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Wally and Evelyn's story



Wally and Evelyn were a long-married couple without children. Wally was in the last stages of terminal cancer. He was worried about who would care for Evelyn when he was gone. Evelyn had no physical limitations, however, she had dementia and could not be entirely responsible for herself. Because of Wally’s diagnosis and his treatment side effects, he was placed in a skilled nursing facility as Evelyn could no longer care for him at home.

Action plan:

Home Care Solutions was initially called to provide care for Wally, enabling him to return home to be with Evelyn. In his home environment he was able to physically plateau and again attain a level of independence which he so greatly desired.

At some point after he was settled and stabilized at home he was approached by a private caregiver who enticed him into making the decision to discontinue services from Home Care Solutions and to hire her “for less money”.

It was not long before we received a call from Wally’s sister who stated “You need to get back here, it’s just a mess”! Home Care Solutions restarted services. It was a big decision for Wally to give up the couple’s financial responsibilities; however it was becoming apparent that it was very difficult for him to function in that capacity. HCS referred Wally to an agency that assists people in money matters. Wally was comfortable with his new assistant.


Home Care Solutions cared for Wally and Evelyn for 3 years. Wally was able to stay at home until he passed away. Evelyn’s dementia had progressed to the point that she needed live-in care in order to remain at home. HCS is still providing care. Wally was able to pass away in peace, knowing that HCS was there for Evelyn and she would continue to thrive in their home.

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