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Violet's story



Violet and Marv had been married for 40 plus years. Marv had been Violet’s caregiver since she had been diagnosed with cancer. Her condition was fairly stable for a few years but, unfortunately, as her health took a turn for the worse, Marv had a sudden and unexpected heart attack and passed away.

The family was devastated. They did not know what they were going to do. Not one of the adult children was home during the day to attend to their mother’s needs. Violet’s only son lived in another state and she did not want to leave her friends and the majority of her family and move to a strange place. Her daughter’s lives were so busy and already overloaded with responsibilities and activities, that they felt her moving in with one of them was not an option.

Begrudgingly, the children decided the answer might have to be moving Vi to a nursing home. Even though their mother was having difficulty handling her grief over the death of her husband, and she had stated many times she wanted to remain “at home”, the family thought this was the only thing they could do to ensure their mother had the care she needed. That was until the funeral director told them about Home Care Solutions.

Action plan:

A family member called our office and learned that Home Care Solutions specialized in providing “live-in” Home Health Aide assistance under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. After an assessment was completed that same day, we initiated home care services for Vi.


She was so happy to be able to be in her home and be able to have her friends and relatives stop in to visit in her last months of life. She could guide her own cares as long as she was able to do so and she was able to pass away in the home she brought her children home from the hospital to a home that harbored all the memories of her adult life.

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