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Ruth's story



Ruth was a 93 year old lady who had no immediate family. She had been hospitalized after suffering a fracture from fall at home. A condition of being discharged to home, set by her physician, was to have a live-in caregiver to assist her in her recuperation. The other option was to go to a nursing facility until she was fully rehabilitated.

Home Care Solutions was contacted by a social worker at the hospital with a request to meet with Ruth and discuss the option of live-in Home Health Aide assistance.

Action plan:

Live-in home care was initiated by Home Care Solutions. Ruth also received Physical Therapy from another home care agency, who offered skilled services. Ruth initially required assistance with walking, her exercise program and various personal cares.


After receiving Physical Therapy for several weeks, along with one-on-one assistance with personal cares, housekeeping and laundry chores taken care of, and enjoying nutritious home cooked meals, Ruth quickly began to regain her strength. Within six weeks, she was again able to live in her home independently.

Ruth felt that if she had gone to a nursing facility instead of going home it would have taken her longer to recuperate.

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