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Lois' story

Rehabilitation/Long term care


Lois, an 80 year old widow, suffered a fractured vertebra in her back due to a fall at home. After her hospitalization she was transferred to a nursing facility where she received Physical Therapy to regain her mobility. In order to be discharged to home, which was what she wanted, she would need someone to assist her in many areas. Lois has several children; however, they all have their own families and the many obligations that go with a busy life. They were not able to commit to caring for Lois.

Action plan:

Home Care Solutions was contacted to provide live-in care to Lois which allowed her to return home. Originally she had a great deal of pain due to her fracture. Home Care Solutions connected her with a pain management institution where they were able to assist her to pain cessation.

Lois regained her independence with the help of a Home Health Aide who allowed her to do as much as she could on her own and assisting with those things that she was not able to do alone. Her nutrition improved greatly as well as having the benefit of assistance with an ongoing exercise program.


Home Care Solutions has had the privilege of providing services for Lois for over four years. Live-in care has allowed Lois to remain safe and comfortable in her home. She continues to receive Physical Therapy and attends an adult day program to assist her in keeping her strength at a maximum level.

Lois is living her life to the fullest. She continues to attend social functions and travel, which she so greatly enjoys.

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