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Francis' story

Long term care


Francis was an 86 year old widow, who had no children. She was in need of live-in home care and had hired a caregiver privately. She also had a male neighbor who looked out for her and a financial advisor to assist her with her financial matters.

Her financial advisor identified there was verifiable financial exploitation taking place by Francis’ private caregiver. He contacted a geriatric care manager to get advice on what he could do to protect his Client while continuing to meet her care needs. [Coincidentally, Francis’ neighbor had also become highly suspicious of the private caregiver’s activities].

Action plan:

A Care Manager was hired as well as a Power of Attorney (POA) for finances. Home Care Solutions was called to provide live-in Home Health Aide assistance. [The private caregivers had to be physically removed from the Client’s home].

At the initiation of services by HCS, many improvements were made in the Care Plan to insure the Client received the best possible care. It became apparent that there was significant room for improvement in providing care for Francis. For example, there were many outdated/expired medications in the home as well as rotten food in the refrigerator. The Client was despondent and just not herself.


According to her neighbor, shortly after the changes were made and Home Care Solutions was providing live-in care, “Francis had her personality back.” She had a zest for living and felt independent again. Best of all, she could remain in her home, which was her choice of where she wanted to live!

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