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Live-in home care: a tradition of excellence

January 11, 2024

As the people who cared for us growing up begin to age, it becomes our responsibility to ensure they are cared for. Even if a family is able to absorb the responsibilities of being a live-in caregiver, rarely do they have the expertise needed to respond in moments of crisis. There are many healthcare solutions at families’ disposal, but one that ensures that proper care is administered while uplifting the dignity of the family members receiving care is live-in home care.

Let’s take a closer look at what that means and how it benefits clients and their families.

Help is always there

Live-in care ensures that your loved one is never alone, and care is always available. Two home health aides work in week-long intervals, staying with the client to provide round-the-clock care. This includes preparing meals, cleaning, administering medications and PT, as well as facilitating enrichment and activity within a patient’s ability. A registered nurse visits every two weeks to check vitals and ensure that the medications and dosages are working as intended. All of this is done in the comfort of the client’s own home.

Comfort is care

To be able to facilitate your family member’s ability to age in place, surrounded by the familiar trappings of home, is an act of care in and of itself. Many families are forced to uproot their loved ones and move them into a facility. This is a major upheaval that adds stress and discomfort at a time where they are already facing so many other challenges.

It is a difficult situation for the younger generations as well. They want to ensure their family member receives the best care possible while respecting their wishes to remain at home. Live-in caregivers offer the healthcare solution needed to bridge the gap between all of these wants and needs to deliver a compassionate way to age in place.

Custom, personalized attention

The thought of someone – unrelated to the family – staying in your loved one’s home may give some folks pause. However, when you consider the alternatives you will realize that this is an ideal way to ensure your loved one’s comfort and safety.

Despite their best efforts, many assisted living facilities struggle to provide the personalized care that each individual deserves. If a caregiver isn’t the right fit for your family, you choose a different one – a luxury not afforded in traditional assisted living facilities.

Continuing the tradition

Home Care Solutions offers your family the care and support needed to allow your senior family members to age in place. We proudly carry on a tradition of dedicated, live-in care that is rooted in comfort, dignity and familial support.

Find a fully custom home healthcare solution for your family member, reach out today.

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