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Customized care plans: the live-in difference

November 3, 2023

Live-in home care is a valuable option for many who want to maintain the comfort and familiarity of their own home, while still receiving necessary care and health services. Senior home care that is tailored to each individual can make all the difference in their experience and quality of life. A customized senior care plan offered through live-in home care allows families to transition to a new phase of life easily and with peace of mind that their loved one is well taken care of.

No two patients are the same

Because every patient has unique medical needs, live-in home care is tailored to each client and their family. When a customized care plan is first created and initiated, our care team will conduct thorough examinations and interviews to get to know the family and the patient. Our registered nurses and home health aides can then better understand your needs and offer specific services and solutions to help care for your family members.

Unlike in-patient services, live-in home care is better equipped to take the individual patients and their families into account to offer flexibility and personal care day and night.

Flexibility is available

Rather than a hospital setting where nurses and doctors make their rounds and dictate a strict schedule, live-in care offers 24-hour attention. This enables a care team to recognize changes in a clients’ needs, and adjust their senior care plan accordingly. In addition, live-in care allows client preference to dictate their care team, whereas facility shifts are pre-planned and less flexible.

Comfort is essential

When it comes to senior care, comfort and familiarity become nearly as important as the actual care and medicines they receive. Live-in home care allows patients to stay in the home that they have been in, sometimes for decades, without having to sacrifice the quality of healthcare they receive. This can make a big difference in their health outcomes, their mental health and their quality of life as they age.

Our team of nurses and home health aides treat each client’s home as a personal and sacred space, meeting the patients where they are, not forcing families and homes to conform to our standards. This period of life can be eased with as much comfort and familiarity as possible.

Find senior care that makes a difference

Senior care plans are highly personalized and require dedicated professionals who can provide more than just necessary health services. Finding the right home care provider is essential for the peace and comfort of your family.

At Home Care Solutions, our home health aides and registered nurses take a personalized approach to ensure every patient is heard and is comfortable in their own home, while still receiving top care and health services.

Get in touch with our team of care providers and learn how live-in home care may be right for you and your family.

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