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Caregiver Tips for Preventing Falls at Home

March 11, 2024

Stories of seniors falling are heartbreakingly common. Even more harrowing is that many of these falls can be prevented. While the likelihood of a fall certainly increases with age, due to physical changes in the body and underlying health conditions, there are steps caregivers can take to keep seniors safe.

There’s an age-old phrase that the fear of falling often causes people to miss out on beautiful opportunities. This is certainly the case for those aging in place, who deserve to live their best, most comfortable lives. Here are some elderly fall prevention strategies for seniors and the caregivers that love them.

Comfortable Clothing is a Must

Whether you’re an active senior or one who spends more time in place, comfortable clothes are a requirement for preventing falls at home. The best clothing item to prevent falls is a non-slip shoe, many of which are available online or at a specialty store. In addition to being non-skid, these shoes are often sturdy, comfortable and of quality design.

While it may not be as obvious as the right pair of shoes, shirts and pants can also prevent falls. Poorly-made clothes with loose threads can snag on surfaces, which is dangerous for seniors who want to avoid falling. While some seniors prefer loose clothing, pants that are too baggy may also cause tripping.

Let There Be Light

Not only is stumbling around in the dark inefficient, it is also quite dangerous for seniors. Brighten up your living space by placing night lights around the home, turning on lights while using stairs and keeping lamps in common sitting or resting areas.

Flashlights are also a useful, and underutilized, way to keep seniors safe. For making a midnight bathroom trek or more extreme situations like a power outage, it’s smart to keep flashlights in the most-frequented rooms of the house.

Bars, Rails, and Other Steadying Devices

Senior home care providers can attest to the injury-preventing (and even life-saving) power of bars and rails. Handrails for stairways, bars for tubs and toilets and a comfortable stool to place in the shower are all worthwhile investments for senior fall prevention.

According to the CDC, 78% of unintentional fall-related deaths occurred among seniors in 2021. The most common places for seniors to fall at home are on the stairs and in the bathroom. One in four people above age 64 fall on the stairs, and 13% of seniors are injured in the bathroom. Keep this in mind while outfitting your home to be more slip-resistant.

Help Prevent Falls with Live-In Home Care

Most family caregivers are unable to keep our loved ones safe from falls full-time. Thankfully, there are 24/7 home health aides who are trained to do just that.

Home Care Solutions provides personalized live-in home care to clients in Minnesota. We help ensure that seniors live their best lives, and that includes preventing falls at home. Reach out to us today to find care and support for your senior.

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